Will Colon Cleansing Be Your Magic Bullet to Weight Loss?

Will Colon Cleansing Be Your Magic Bullet to Weight Loss?




Will Colon Cleansing Be Your Magic Bullet to Weight Loss?

Do you realize that you could have as much as twenty, yes I said twenty pounds of nasty waste stuck to the inside of your colon right now?  When I think about that sitting in my gut, it utterly disgusts me.

Now, if you’re one of the folks who does not practice regular colon cleansing, you will have about that much mucoid waste dried and stuck to the inside of your colon.  It can critically affect the health of your digestive system and hold you back on losing weight.

There was a study conducted in 2016 that showed the average everyday American obtains MORE than 50% of their daily calories from processed foods.  That would be foods such as pizza, sodas, any sugary drink and that includes Starbucks, cookies, crackers stuffed with fake cheese, fried chicken, fries, greasy burgers, candy, bologna, microwaveable prepared meals, prepared waffles ready to toast, sausage precooked and ready to heat, and the list goes on forever.

They are called “Frankenfoods,” and all are crammed with some of the most harmful artificial components with names you can’t begin to pronounce.  Of course, all of them are missing one important element – fiber!

Because there is no fiber, this processed food could sit in your colon for days or up to weeks, all the while rotting and fermenting!  It should be digesting and providing you with nutrients.  If it is not moving along because there is no fiber, it could result in weight gain, bloating, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and miserable constipation.  It is time for Super Colon Cleanse to get rid of this mess.

Since you can’t digest this rotten muddle, it just keeps sitting there in your gut as stale, rotten feces and some mucus that is starting to get rock hard and block digesting healthy foods that you might eat.  It isn’t long until you will be bloated, feeling tired all day, every day, coming down with every virus that you are exposed to, and depression will take you down for sure.

It seems that stomach bloating is getting to be a more common complaint these days and it is about to become an “epidemic.”  It appears that it is being caused by high stress, poor diets, people having to take medications daily, and being exposed to toxic pollutants.   It is no surprise that so many have some kind of bloating more often than not.  But it does not have to be.  They could have weight loss, feel better, think better and all this could be accomplished by using Super Colon Cleanse.

When you are bloated you feel very uncomfortable- it can even become embarrassing when it is accompanied by gas, or you have to run to the bathroom every five minutes.  It makes bloating a bigger deal than you might think.  You need to know that a bloated stomach can sometimes be an alert of a more severe health problem.  And, candida (a yeast) can cause this symptom as well.

You do realize that having a bloated stomach is entirely different from a roll of fat around your belly. It may feel like fat, but it is air and can be just as miserable.  Bloating is temporary and is brought on by air being stuck around the middle of your gut like an inner-tube sometimes caused by constipation but can be caused by other issues.

If any of you have lived on a farm, you know that when you have a cow that gets down from bloat (or as the farmer calls them) ‘foundered”; the fix is to make a slit in its side past the last rib and punch through with the trocar into the rumen (one of their stomachs).  You can hear and smell (I promise you can smell) the gas as it is released.  It does not happen very often, but it does happen.  The cow is grateful and almost always makes an immediate recovery.

Many people would like to be able to do this painlessly to get rid of their bloat who suffer from it often.  You see the many advertisements for taking a pill for gas and its immediate effects.  It does not work like that.  Especially if you are constipated; most of the time your gas is not only in your stomach, but all through your colon around your compacted stool and it takes a long time for the miracle pill to get to all the gas locked around the constipated stool.  If you had taken Super Colon Cleanse, the gas would have no place to hide.

Basically, being bloated is the uncomfortable feeling of built-up gas in your colon that makes your stomach stick out and causes you to feel miserable.  There are some folks who joke that they look like they are pregnant when their bloating is bad.

Most of the time, bloating is not anything you have to be alarmed about.  Usually, you can clear it up with some changes in your diet.  When you have a bloated stomach notice if it comes with other symptoms in your body.  It will help you figure out if it is a serious problem that you should discuss with your doctor.

There are lots of reasons for your stomach to bloat.  Some on the list are hormonal imbalances, allergies, gut troubles, thyroid dysfunction, and more.  It might seem difficult to narrow down what it might be, but the more info you can gather about the foods you eat and the circumstances surrounding it, the easier you can figure out what the trigger is for your symptoms.

When you think about belly bloat, it is almost always a problem with digestion.  It makes it a lot more confusion.  The ability to metabolize food and the way we eliminate waste is complicated.  There are many different elements that can contribute to a bloating stomach, and some will seem unrelated.  For instance, to me, stress or sleep would not be at the top of my list –but they say bloating can come any time of the month or any day because of problems with sleep and stress.  Besides, who today does not have trouble with stress followed by trouble with sleeping.

Most people, their cause of excessive gas in their gut boils down to an inadequate digestion of protein (it causes some foods to ferment), it cannot break down carbohydrates or sugars as it should (certain complex sugar compounds need the presence of enzymes to be digested fully), and imbalances in your gut bacteria.

In your digestive tract, you have trillions of unhealthy and healthy bacteria that are in competition, and when the ‘bad bacteria’ are in larger numbers than the ‘good bacteria’ for some reason, the imbalance can cause abdominal bloating and gas.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are 70 million Americans that are facing problems with their digestive systems with issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Constipation; both of which can be managed by Super Colon Cleanse.

If you have ever had issues with constipation you already know, it is nothing to laugh about.  If you do not have a bowel movement after each meal that you consume, then by definition, you are constipated and holding all that extra weight.

By interviewing individuals, I have found many think that it is normal if they have a bowel movement just once a week, twice a week, three times a week.  My friend, I can tell you that if that is how often I went to the bathroom and had a bowel movement, then I would be ready to go to bed and sleep between bowel movements.  I cannot live like that.  Therefore, that is why I take Super Colon Cleanse and go comfortably when it is time to go each day.

Unknown to us, our body has a reflex called thereflex that stimulates moving your colon once you start eating.  The movement in your colon is all dependent on how much food you eat, how warm the food is you are eating, and the temperature of the drinks you drink while eating will affect the strength of the reflex.

When you eat a meal high in fat and drink a cold drink the reflex in your colon will be stronger and make you have a bowel movement faster.  You will find that fructose and caffeine will probably speed up the reflex, even to the point that it makes you feel uncomfortable.  It is where (IBS) Irritable Bowel Syndrome usually begins for most people.

The gastrocolic ‘response’ or gastrocolic ‘reflex’ is a physiological reflex that controls what happens in the gastrointestinal tract to keep things moving along.  It causes an increase in motility of the intestinal tract in response to stretch the stomach and the byproducts of digestion in the small intestine.  This reflex is what gives you the urge to poop after a meal.  Your small intestine will show a response similar to this as well.

Now, for your large intestine.  Did you realize that for every foot of your gut, you can store 10 pounds of poop?  Now we are talking we need weight loss!

The average adult has a colon that is five foot long.  It means if you are constipated, you could have 50 pounds of poop stacked up inside you!   Autopsies have been conducted that have reported some colons that have weighed 40 pounds because they had that much poop in them.  Ugh!  For sure those cadavers did not use Super Colon Cleanse.

Constipation can cause weight gain so let’s think about what this means.  You can hold more than a few pounds of packed waste inside your intestine if you are not pooping daily.

Usually, poop is comprised of 25 percent solids and 75 percent water.  The solid part is made up of undigested food matter, dead bacteria, fats, cholesterol, inorganic material, and cell debris.  It gets color from broken down blood cells and pigments from bile.  The action of bacteria is what gives it the putrid smell.  Some bacteria produces gas as it multiplies and the gas produces an odor that is disgusting.

So, when you get constipated, your body starts trying to recycle what it can.  In your body, bile is considered a precious staple, so the dirty bile that is now toxic gets recirculated back through the liver to be re-used.  It will cause congestion in your liver during this process.  If you are using Super Colon Cleanse, this would not be happening.

It is important to remember that bile is necessary as a digestive juice secreted by and from the liver and stored in your gallbladder.  It is needed for two reasons:  1)  It helps with digesting fat and absorbing that same fat in your gut, 2) and helps get rid of waste from the blood.

It seems odd, but bile has no enzymes like most other gut secretions.  But, it does have bile salts which are acids that can: 1) soften fats and break it into little particles, 2) assists your body in absorbing the broken down fat products in your gut.  The bile salts then bind with your lipids and form granules which are then absorbed by the intestinal mucosa.

Bile contains waste from the break down of hemoglobin that we call bilirubin (a product of getting rid of old red cells).  Bile also helps get rid of cholesterol by dumping it in the colon so it can be passed with the rest of your waste matter if it does not get caught up in constipated feces.

Bile salts are recycling in the body constantly.  It is discharged out into the duodenum.  There it binds with the lipids and forms particles and will again enter the bloodstream.

By going through the gateway circulation, then bile salts will get into the liver.

At this point, it will pass through the venous sinuses in the liver, and be absorbed by liver cells.

Then it will be secreted once more by the liver to make bile again.  It allows for about 90% of your bile salts to be recycled, and when it has been recycled 15 times, it gets discarded in your poop.

But, your liver keeps on working, and will continuously make small amounts at a time of bile salts to try and replenish what cannot be recirculated.

When you finish eating your meal, it will be about 20 to 30 minutes and your partially digested, chewed up food will pass into the duodenum of your small intestine out of your stomach as gastric emptying.

The food is present, and especially fatty foods, that are in your stomach and duodenum will stimulate your gallbladder at that time to contract because of the cholecystokinin.  Then the bile is forced out by the gallbladder, and it relaxes the sphincter of Oddi will let the bile go into the duodenum.

The gallbladder contraction stimulus has other nerve impulses that come from the enteric nervous system and the vagus nerve.  If the gallbladder is stimulated for a prolonged time (usually because of fatty foods), the gallbladder will empty within an hour its entire contents.

There is a digestive hormone called Secretin that stimulates pancreatic secretion, which also increases the secretion of bile.  Its main reason is for increasing secretion of sodium bicarbonate and water from the bile duct lining.  This bicarbonate, with the pancreatic bicarbonate, is needed for neutralizing stomach acid in the duodenum.

Fluids will be pulled from this nasty waste and be pushed through your kidneys, and this will put a strain on your kidneys filtering all that ugly sewer water.  In the procedure of the fluid extraction, the waste left sitting in your intestine starts to become dry, compacted, hard, and makes it harder to move through your colon.

With all this happening you need to know that the toxins inside you are accumulating, and they are being ferried away to fat cells so they can be stored since there is no way they can be eliminated, and this will cause bloating, water weight, and more fat gain.  What a big gross fat mess!

If constipation is causing you to gain weight, then Super Colon Cleanse is what you should use to cleanse your gut of all the build up in your colon so you can start getting rid of all that extra fat.

Your fat cells are full of toxins that are not going to leave your body until they have a way to get out and be eliminated from your body.  The fat cells are a type of mechanism to protect you so that you won’t get sick from the toxins that are circulating through your body.

It is just a ‘gut’ feeling, but if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, brain fog, or mood swings, it could all be caused by your colon.  It is where about 95 percent of the neurotransmitters in your body (serotonin) are made – and used as well – in your colon.  When you are eating the processed foods, then your body will have to use its nutrient stores to break the food down, and this will cause a loss in nutrients, and there will be no gain.

It will use up your potassium and magnesium which are two critical elements necessary to move your food on through the digestive system.  Because of this deficiency the ‘end results’ will be nutritional deficiencies and constipation.  It also sucks up more neurotransmitters so it can digest and process the junk food and this leads to an imbalance of your “feel good” hormones, and you’re lucky if it does not result in a deficiency.

When you come under stress, it is these hormones that are signaled by your brain to “speed things up,” and the surge of this chemical will cause everything from insomnia, butterflies in your stomach, cramping, diarrhea, neurotransmitter deficiencies, anxiety, and trouble swallowing.

If you are looking for the real solution, it lies in the microbiome which is the healthy bacterial colonies that are the protectors of your health.  The good bacteria inside your gut produce neurotransmitters for you to use so it can optimize your moods and digestion.  You never realize it, but there are trillions of cells of bacteria in your microbiome, but there are also billions of cells that compose your body.  Sorry, but you have been outnumbered by all the microorganisms that live on and inside you.

Whether you realize it or not your colon is a huge part of a healthy immune system.

Think about it, your digestive system is the big entrance for all outside toxins of the world, and because of this, it is an essential barrier that must come between you and the environments invaders and toxins. Due to this fact it makes sense that 80 percent of the immune system takes place in the colon.

The colon-associated microbiome and lymphatic tissue are elements of the immune system that attach themselves to the mucosal lining section of the intestines.  If that lining gets covered up with nasty, old, rotted poop, your immune system cannot do its job, and due to this you can catch flu and colds easier, and lays open your gut be basically defenseless against parasites and fungus overgrowth.  Again, a good idea to keep this mucosal lining cleaned up from the rotted poop with Super Colon Cleanse.

You will find some people are surprised to find out that parasites cause problems in the United States.  Let me tell you, if you have a pet in your house, drink from a stream while on a hike, eat any raw foods, or go barefoot in your yard; then you have a chance to come in contact and contract yourself a parasite.

Some children have a sizable looking abdomen because of worms, and no one has any idea the child has worms until the child passes a large, large clump of worms.  Everyone is appalled when they see this and think that it cannot be possible.  But, it definitely can my friends.  Time for Super Colon Cleanse to get rid of constipation caused by the worms and with a colon cleansing most of the time you will be rid of the worms.

If you suffer from constipation, then you more than likely have a weakened immunity to get rid of parasites and could possibly harboring them in your gut as we speak or read.  Super Colon Cleanse can help you get rid of the parasites.

Eliminate your feces every day to lose weight so you will feel great.  You probably never thought about it, but there are many amazing benefits if you poop on a regular basis.  When you perform a good colon cleanse, you will get rid of all that contaminated toxic waste, and then your digestive health will get better.

You can better fight off the common cold, naturally, have more energy, and what is great, it will boost that metabolism and burn your fat so you can lose weight easier.

You will find that your nutrient, mineral, and vitamin absorption will skyrocket and then you will notice you don’t feel tired all the time.  You won’t be as moody, you will feel happier, and your memory will be sharp.

Don’t you think it is time to get rid of that toxic waste dump in your colon and start feeling better today and start burning all that excess fat?  You can have weight loss and colon cleansing by using Super Colon Cleanse.






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