Chronic Constipation-How to Feel Miserable Without Trying

Chronic Constipation-How to Feel Miserable Without Trying

Chronic Constipation – How to Feel Miserable Without Trying
It would be so easy if we could blame constipation on one item or we could identify the culprit quickly. For some, it is easy to define and others it is a game of clue before you figure it out.

For some of us, if we eat bread, pasta, apples, applesauce, or bananas, we are in BIG trouble. And it is for days on end before we get straightened back out again. For others medications that they must take because their life depends on it can cause a stop and backup of their systems.

Let us take a look at what message your colon might be trying to get across to you in some odd ways.

If you seem to be frequently constipated it could just be your lifestyle. Some people that eat poorly and do not get very much physical activity are usually the ones that fall into the group of “chronically constipated.”

Let’s take a look at some of the popular factors that will contribute to this miserable situation.
• If you eat a lot of dairy and meat products
• If you eat bunches of foods preprocessed that have a lot of sugar and fat in them
• If you don’t drink enough fluids, especially water
• If you don’t eat enough foods that are high in fiber
• If you don’t exercise and this can mean if you would walk every day
• If you are drinking too much caffeine or hitting the alcohol too often.

To see if a change in any of the above might help, try the following:
• Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and other high fiber foods in your diet
• Try some type of physical activity every day for at least 30 minutes. That covers even a simple walk.
• If you feel the need to go, then go THEN. It is essential instead of putting it off. It can cause constipation.
• Cut back or avoid if you can, caffeine and alcohol.

So, what if you make these changes to your lifestyle and diet and you still don’t get any relief? Maybe there is something else going on in your body?

Just because you have constipation all day every day or at least it seems that way, doesn’t mean that you will have any of the following problems, it might be a good idea and have some tests done to make sure. It is more important if you have other symptoms at the same time as hair loss, weight changing, fatigue, cramping in your abdomen, or vision issues.

• Hypothyroidism (under active thyroid) This is when that small gland about the size of a walnut that sits at the front of your neck, doesn’t produce as much hormone as it should, and it can cause a drastic effect on your otherwise normal metabolism. If your metabolism is slow, then your entire digestive system is going to be slowed down, and this will lead to constipation.

There are other symptoms of hypothyroidism that you may not notice because it develops slowly over time. With hypothyroidism, you might feel a lot of fatigue, dry skin, you will be very sensitive to the cold, more apt to gain weight, if you are a female you might have irregular menstrual periods, brittle fingernails, thinning hair, a puffy face and impaired memory.

People that have diabetes also have a hormone problem. Your body with diabetes quits making enough insulin, so you stop breaking down sugar that is in your blood. Sometimes high blood sugar levels in Type 1 and two diabetes might lead to neuropathy, or in other words, nerve damage. If it damages the nerves that control the digestive tract, then it can lead you to constipation.

It is critical that diabetes is diagnosed as quickly as possible. It will only get worse if you do not get it treated and it will not go away. Here are some of the other symptoms:
• You are thirsty and have a dry mouth all the time
• You feel tired all the time
• You start losing weight
• You might experience blurred vision
• You might notice that you start needing to urinate a lot at night

Being constipated can also be caused by something called irritable bowel syndrome. Understanding irritable bowel syndrome is still not well understood; it seems to be a problem with the way your gut and your brain talk to each other. Here are some other symptoms that seem to go along with irritable bowel syndrome:
• Bloating
• Abdominal cramping and pain
• Occasional diarrhea that is urgent
• Excessive flatulence
• Passing mucus

If you feel stressed out or are anxious, you may feel your body going into a “fight or flight” mode. The sympathetic part of your nervous system becomes very active, and it will put your gut and the digestion process on “hold.” If you have ever experienced anxiety and who of us haven’t then you know, it does not go away quickly. Anxiety can play havoc with your digestive processes. If you have a general anxiety disorder you might also notice these symptoms:
• Restlessness
• Irritable
• Worry way too much
• Insomnia
• Find it hard to concentrate
You will learn from your primary care doctor that anxiety can be treated by psychological counseling, therapy, or medications.

Even depression can bring on constipation. Some people who get depressed tend to lay in bed all day and thus will have decreased physical activity. They will probably eat lots of foods that are high in fat and sugar and some quit eating. This lifestyle will lead to constipation.

Psychological counseling and medications can be useful for those who are affected by depression. Those who suffer from depression may also notice these symptoms:
• Suicidal thoughts
• Feelings of worthlessness, despair, or hopelessness
• Losing interest in activities they usually find pleasurable
• Angry outbursts
• Fatigue
• Loss of appetite
• Concentration becomes difficult

If you feel you have any of these symptoms, you need to talk to a therapist. If you address your psychological issues, your intestinal tract will respond for the better.

Being pregnant will find that two in five women will get constipated while pregnant. Usually, this is because of the hormone progesterone, as it will make it harder for the muscles in the intestines to contract and propulse forward the contents within.

Symptoms of constipation could be a sign of something more serious. Problems that affect the nervous system or brain can also affect those nerves that make the muscles in your gut contract and move your stool along.

There can be other things like a tumor blocking your bowel that can cause a blockage and lead to constipation. Here are some other things that can cause constipation:
• Multiple sclerosis, it affects the nervous system
• Parkinson’s, where part of the brain becomes damaged progressively
• Hypercalcemia
• Intestinal cancer
• Intestinal obstruction
• Stroke
• Injury to the spinal cord

And the medications we take to help other medical conditions may be a two-edged sword for us. The following medications can also cause constipation:
• Calcium channel blockers used for heart disease and high blood pressure
• Drugs used for treating epilepsy
• Drugs for treating muscle spasms
• Morphine, Codeine, and other opiate painkillers
• The family of tricyclic antidepressants
• Parkinson’s disease drugs
• Diuretics
• Antacids and mostly those high in calcium
• Taking calcium supplements
• Drugs for diarrhea
• Iron supplements

One sure fire way to maintain regularity and not be constipated is to use an all natural colon cleanse.  If it is all natural, it will keep your gut cleaned out, keep the toxins out of your system and you will feel better.

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