What Constipation Can Do to Your Health

What Constipation Can Do to Your Health

It’s doubtful that you would find anyone in the world who will get through life without ever having an encounter with constipation.

Your gut health is linked to the health of your entire body, including your mental health, digestive health, and physical health.

The lifestyle choices which you make are what will improve your gut health and your overall health.  It will reduce the possibility to experience severe health issues such as colitis and cancer.

Most people feel the topic of bowel movements is confidential and the real mechanics of what happens inside your gut is almost never given another thought.

Now, if you start having trouble with constipation, that all changes.

A study that was conducted among sixty-three million people in the United States indicated there was a strong link between those who suffered from health problems and chronic constipation that included gastric and colorectal cancer.

You already know that stool/feces/poop is the end outcome of digestion that has started in your mouth.  Think about your body like it was a large cylinder with solid sides that have a tube from the top running to the bottom of the container.

The inside of this cylinder is set inside your own body, and the tube that is running from top to bottom is on the outside of your body.  We will say this is your digestive system that runs from your mouth down to its exit station, your anus but never opens inside your body.

Your digestive system is entirely ‘inside’ your body, no doubt and it holds bacteria and digestive juices that should on be on the outside of the body.  When food goes in your mouth and you start chewing the food will mix with your saliva.

The digestion will end when it reaches your large intestines after your body has pulled the water and nutrients, leaving the waste products it will not use.  The nutrients that are absorbed contain energy that you have always known as calories.

It is up to you as to how many calories you ingest, and the source and quality of those calories help determine your overall wellness and health.  One factor that makes a difference in your overall health and may put you at risk for constipation is how much and what type of bacteria is living in your intestine.

Your gut microbes work at breaking down food, how the calories are handled and can decrease or increase your risk of allergies, obesity, and more.

So, who gets constipated and how can you tell why?  There are some common reasons for constipation that include laxative abuse, irritable bowel syndrome, ignoring that urge to go to the bathroom, and hypothyroidism.  If you keep putting off going to the bathroom for that bowel movement when you get the urge, one day you may stop feeling it.

If you take certain medications and you are not drinking enough water every day, you will most likely get constipated.

Having chronic constipation can cause problems for the urinary and genital health of women.

Since the female reproductive organs and colon are so close in the body, the pressure from constipation can cause rectal prolapse in the vagina and may cause the bladder not to empty or even result in refluxing the urine out of the bladder back up into the kidneys.

It can cause permanent kidney damage and risk of kidney infections.

It can all be avoided by keeping your bowels on a routine by using Super Colon Cleanse and Colon Cleanse.  It is natural and pure in its ingredients; works well for you helping you to go easy and gentle when it is time to go with no cramping or pain.






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