Multiple Sclerosis and Constipation

Multiple Sclerosis and Constipation

Multiple Sclerosis and Constipation
It seems like almost every illness can have constipation as a symptom. And, constipation is nothing but a real bummer. If you have chronic constipation, it lasts for days on end, and therefore you will be miserable for that entire length of time. It can get painful. Most people do not feel comfortable talking about it and therefore suffer in silence.

Constipation should be defined as difficulty passing stool or infrequent stools or both of them. Two or fewer bowel movements a week, if you have a hard time passing your stool and it might include some straining if you feel like you still need to go, or you might pass a hard stool that is painful. That is constipation.

Most patients with MS do not realize that constipation is related to their MS. When they visit their neurologist, they are focused on other dramatic problems they have experienced instead of constipation. Others are too embarrassed to talk to their doctor about it.

With all this said, you will find that 50-75 percent of people that have MS will have constipation and it is the most common problem with the bowels that is experienced for folks with MS.

You will learn that 40 percent of the MS population will suffer from chronic constipation, and this makes it the most common GI symptom for MS patients.

You can get diarrhea when you get so constipated that you have loose stool higher up in your colon and it leaks around the hardened stool at the bottom of your rectum. Disgusting isn’t it? Dangerous too.

Chronic Constipation with MS can be brought on by any of the following:

Neurological Damage: Whatever happens, your stool has to keep moving along. People who have MS, the lesions might prevent your brain from transmitting or receiving signals accurately that will control your conscious attempts to sit and have a bowel movement. Sometimes you might not be getting the signal that you need to go or you can’t relax so you can push and go the usual way. The involuntary movement that keeps things moving along through the bottom part of the digestive tract might also be impaired. This problem is compounded by your stool that is being too hard to pass very quickly, and due to sitting in the colon too long.

Limited Physical Activity: This is such an essential part of the intestinal motion. That is the moving of digested food through your colon. Physical activity like walking helps as much as anything. There are several people with MS that can’t move around or walk much, because they are weak, have spasticity, fatigue, or sensory ataxia.

And you have all heard it before that side effects of medications can cause constipation and not drinking enough water.

Try to go to the bathroom at the same time every day. It is called bowel training.

So many people do not know that bread, pasta, bananas, rice, toast, apples, cheese, and applesauce are all constipating. Stay away from them. Anything that is a milk product is of no help if you are constipated. It will make your situation much worse. Especially if you are sitting a lot. Everything will pack right down to your rectum and stay there making a big lump that will get harder and harder. You need to be ahead of the game before that happens to you.

Colon Cleanse and Super Colon Cleanse are natural and great to take for a pure and natural way to cleanse your colon and to keep you going on a regular basis.

You still must drink plenty of water to make sure your stool is moist enough to pass on through. Colon Cleanse does not cramp you, and it is an easy go.

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