Lose Weight Just By Cleaning Your Colon!!

Lose Weight Just By Cleaning Your Colon!!

Losing weight and seeing the difference!

I know that like most folks you are probably wondering how in the world can cleaning out your colon possibly help you lose weight.  You know it might make you a couple of pounds lighter that day, but then the day after that it will come right back, and you will be cleansing it again to keep just those couple of pounds from coming back.

But, here is what happens when you begin to use the weight loss cleansing methods.  You will start to find it is easier to lose those extra pounds while staying healthy.  You only need to know how your body works and which system depends on the other systems keeping your whole body in tune and healthy.  Once you get into the routine of the cleansing methods, you will be happy with what you see in the mirror.

When you use the best of the weight loss cleansing methods and start getting those wastes out of your colon that might have been sitting in there for way too long.  It is the beginning of your weight loss cleanse methods.  It does not have to do with the fact that it removes the waste from your colon, but it gets rid of the toxins and all the bacteria that could cause disease.  When you stay this course as your process, you will start to feel lighter because you have gotten rid of the waste that you got out of your colon.  You will then be able to keep the weight loss going because of your cleansing methodology is encouraging your colon to get rid of all waste and to start keeping your system clean.

When you are in the beginning stages of your weight loss cleansing method, you will begin to realize that the food you are eating is starting to treat you differently.  This weight loss system will make your entire digestive work more efficiently, and this will help your body remove the fats and other unwanted junk that is in your system more quickly.  Your digestive system working the way it is designed to do is very effective.

This cleansing method will help your body to get rid of the fats and the undesired parts of the food from your digestive system quicker.  Having an enhanced digestive system is an integral part of a weight loss program that will be effective.  It is why your health and your body can benefit from true colon cleansing when you do it as part of a routine for your health.

You will find that I will increase your energy and affect in ways to improve your metabolism.  Who can’t use that help?  You will have more energy to exercise and to get work done.  The cleansing method will aid in processing your use of food nutrients quicker, that will assist in weight loss.

I bet you never realized that the hardened stool in your colon can get lodged and will continue to accumulate day after day for quite some time.  But, the biggest thing is, it can collect up to 20 pounds!

Each human carries a lot of fecal wastes, and it can weigh anywhere from five to twenty pounds!  Once you get rid of the whole thing or at least the bulk of it, your weight will naturally go down, and you will trim down.

Many are at first apprehensive about cleansing their colon; they become worried that it might be harsh on their system and it should be supervised medically.  With the right program for colon cleansing, and that means products that are gentle but powerful enough, but contain the all-natural ingredients, the at-home colon cleanse will be more convenient and perfectly safe.  The most important thing to remember is to drink lots of pure water when you are taking a colon cleansing product to improve the results of the cleansing program and prevent dehydration.

When you are searching for the Super Colon Cleanse product, remember that they always contain all-natural ingredients that will effectively but gently flush out the toxins that have accumulated and they will restore intestinal functioning that is healthy.  Studies have indicated that cleansing systems that contain gentian, aloe vera, lactobacillus acidophilus, goldenseal, psyllium, slippery elm, and Senna are some of the most proficient at cleaning out your colon and intestinal tract.  These materials are well suited to help you restore high energy levels, start to enhance a digestive system that functions healthy, and will encourage a slow but progressive weight loss.  Make sure you procure a super colon cleanser with ingredients that are all natural, as it only makes sense for a true detoxification program.

While on this cleansing diet you will probably find it helpful to eat the following foods:


  • Eggs
  • Bread made from Sprouted grains
  • Butters made from nuts
  • Clarified butter, Butter
  • Oatmeal, oats Steel-cut oats
  • Fruits
  • Cereals (unsweetened)
  • Millet (whole-cooked)
  • Breakfast Patties or strips from Turkey



  • Oils: grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil (Cold-pressed), or coconut oil
  • Lean Protein
  • Vegetables (slightly steamed or fresh)
  • Legumes and Beans


  • Pop Popcorn – Freshly Popped
  • Kefir or Plain Yogurt
  • Seeds & Nuts
  • Veggies that are Raw
  • Nut Butters


  • Green Tea
  • Juices made from vegetables
  • Herb Teas
  • Purified Water


Natural Sweeteners & Condiments

  • Vinegar (apple cider)
  • Spices (any kind)
  • Amino Acids – Liquid (use it instead of Soy Sauce)
  • Monk Fruit, Lo Han, Stevia

Wheat/Dairy & Flour Substitutions:

  • Millet, Buckwheat Flour, Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, Rice Flour
  • Rice Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Cheeses from Rice/Almond
  • Kefir, Goat Milk, and Cheese from Goat Milk
  • Soy

When your body is being fed a diet that is unhealthy, it results in mucoid plaque that will gradually build up in your colon.  When the mucoid plaque continues to accumulate it can lead to digestive constipation, bloating, inefficiency, and weight gain.

A Super Colon Cleansing regimen will get rid of the accumulated mucoid plaque while it restores intestinal functioning to optimal and efficient working state.

Remember that each day your body and intestinal tract is exposed to toxins that are deadly.  They are on, and in the foods, you eat, and in the air, we breathe.  The fact that we are exposed to these toxins causes our colon to get sluggish, and the results are building up in toxic, impacted poop.

Super Colon Cleanse can do this for you.


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