Digging Deeper Into Colon Cleansing With Super Colon Cleanse

Digging Deeper Into Colon Cleansing With Super Colon Cleanse

How much weight do you think you will lose if you use Super Colon Cleanse?


So, you think you want to lose some extra weight pretty quick?  Or do you want to feel better and get the toxins out of your system?  Do you believe that your colon is just needing a proper cleansing?

Most people do not realize what goes on in their colon and that what goes on inside the gut affects their entire body.  How you think, how much energy you have, or if you have that ugly feeling you are not emptied out after you have had a bowel movement, or if you just feel bloated.

Those who are true believers in colon cleansing associate a plethora of health issues to the health of their colon.  They state that by eating foods that are unhealthy can cause toxins and fats to adhere to the insides of your intestines, sticking tight to the walls, causing poor health, and the gaining of weight.

As we live in a fast-paced society with a fast-paced lifestyle, we consume more and more fast foods with additives, fats, artificial dyes, and preservatives that are harmful, carcinogenic, and build up as toxins inside your colon.  Some of those that sit inside our colon like lead for days at a time and add pounds to our scales.

The reason for the colon cleansing besides weight loss is to sweep out those toxic and harmful chemicals and get rid of waste and not let it stagnate inside your body.

Your regular colon cleansing also involves modifications in your diet and using herbal supplements.  Most cleansing plans will last ten days or longer.  While you are cleansing, you really should eat fruits and vegetables in small amounts and not eat any processed foods.

There are many Colon Cleansing Practitioners who lose weight by clearing waste products out of their guts.  While going thru a colon cleansing, you may notice you have as many as five to six bowel movements a day.  It is good to have the frequent movements as it is eliminating the waste that has been building up in your colon.

People who believe in cleansing their colons think that it will help you lose weight but that it helps your stomach feel better, improves your levels of energy, boosts your mood, and your skin clarity is improved.  Remember though; this might be because you have also cut back on your processed foods and sugars.

Be careful about pushing your colon cleansing weight loss for over a week or two because it could cause some severe problems with dehydration.  It happens because there is water in the waste material that you will be forcing from your body with the toxins and other wastes.  During this cleansing time, you should be drinking a lot of extra water.  I cannot stress this enough.

Weight loss by colon cleansing is natural but not because the amount of water weight and the amount of waste that is leaving your body, but because it also seems to change your eating habits during the Super Colon Cleansing process that folks stick to after they are done with the cleanse.

You will want to start eating more vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and take in more water, water, water.

If you notice that your colon cleansing program for weight loss is running at a fast pace and that your energy is lagging behind, you probably need to start adding more food to your diet.  You should add these foods more slowly, especially if you have been in the fasting lane because your colon might have trouble processing the new food you are introducing.

If you are considering a good colon cleansing, you might fast for a day before the cleanse as some feel this helps with the cleansing ritual itself.

It is hard to believe, but your colon will handle almost five pounds of what is actual ‘waste’ each day.  By doing a colon cleansing, you will find it is an excellent method of getting rid of that disgusting waste that gets stuck to the sides of your colon (mucoid plaque), and it will not only help with keeping your colon healthier but boost fast weight loss which some say for them may be up to twenty pounds or more.

It is a fact that a colon cleansing being used for weight loss is a great way to lose weight; but, it is not the end all to weight loss.

One thing you need to know for sure is that your colon is not the only place that is guilty of storing unwanted waste.  If you have large hips or a big gut that just will not let you slim on down no matter what you try to do to get smaller that there is a reason.  I happen to know what this ugly waste is as I have been a culprit to the very thing I am discussing.

Unfortunately, the fat that will not leave your stomach and thighs is cellulite.  That cellulite is made up of toxins that your liver cannot process because there is so much of it. Thus, the toxins are kept under your skin stored in water between your fat cells.  Once the cellulite grabs hold, it is almost impossible to get rid of it.

It will be easier for you to lose your weight and keep it down when your cellulite has been broken up by removing the toxins from it.

There are so many ways to purge your colon, but honestly, the most advantageous way to clean out your colon is by using a natural colon cleansing product to scrub out your colon.

You are probably wondering what ‘Super Colon Cleanse’ is all about.  It is a pure, all-natural cleansing product specifically for your colon that is all natural made only with probiotics and herbs.  A ‘natural’ Colon Cleanse’ is one that has no additives, and all the ingredients come from nature.

If you perform a good colon cleanse by  using Super Colon Cleanse, you will flush out not only your waste but the plaque build up in your colon. It will make way as I said before, for you to have better digestion and to INCREASE your metabolism.  All of this together will help you start on your weight loss journey.

When you cleanse your colon, you will find that it aides in your digestion while it is cleaning your gut from top to bottom.  You will see that cleanse has the components of psyllium husk powder, powder from the senna leaf, fennel, L. acidophilus, and an army of other ‘natural’ herbs that will begin working as soon as it hits your colon by cleaning out pathogens, toxins, and any wastes it encounters along the way.

The powdered senna leaf found in Super Colon Cleanse acts as a stimulant that promotes the colon to contract all the way through your intestinal tract.  By the colon contracting, it causes the waste to move quickly through the system to be discharged by your body.

If your colon ever lacks the contractions for any reason, it can cause build up of feces in your fecal transport system resulting in constipation.  If your body can’t get rid of this feces and the toxins, it brings quickly with it, a large variety of ugly problems that could start showing up for you.

You must take the right dosage of Super Colon Cleanse to have a bowel movement in six to twelve hours.  Not all, as everyone is different, but most will see it working in the 8-10 hour time frame.  Since it is made from ingredients that are incredibly fiber-rich, it is imperative that you drink a lot of water to help the bowels move better and quicker.

You can purchase Super Colon Cleanse in pill form or powder form.  Personally, the pill form is what I prefer, and even when I swallow the pills, I find it has a taste much like horse food.  I have never tried the powder form so I cannot comment as to the taste of it.

It is important to note some of its other ingredients are:

  • Papaya
  • Buckthorn Bark
  • Celery root
  • Peppermint
  • Rose hips
  • Barberry Root
  • Acidophilus

One serving of two pills of Super Colon Cleanse has about ten calories. it doe NOT have any dairy, fish, corn, egg, peanut, gluten, shellfish, salt, starch, soy, tree nut, sugar, yeast, or wheat in it.

I know you are wondering how much weight you can lose by taking this wonderful little capsule and how fast you can drop it,  I would be questioning the very same thing if I were you.

Remember this product was initially designed for helping those who had constipation of the mild to moderate variety.  People who needed to take in more dietary fiber and were not doing so and then others who were wanting to cleanse their colon.

In the beginning, this colon cleansing product was not developed to help with weight loss, so even though it does help you lose weight, it is not marketed as a weight loss product.

It is essential to understand that the weight you will be losing with cleansing product is not from burning fat, but from getting rid of a significant amount of waste.  Remember, it cannot make you lose thirty to forty pounds by magic.

It depends on how often you have bowel movements, and for some that are very irregular, it could help a lot in losing weight.  You could lose a few pounds by taking Super Colon Cleanse, but it will stay off only a little while as it will come right back when you start eating.

If you want to keep those extra pounds off for good, then you will have to add exercise on a regular basis and stick to a high-protein, low-carb diet.

There are some who use Super Colon Cleanse that will swear it kept them at their average weight. If you happen to be someone who is heavy in your waistline or abdomen, it is a good possibility that you may have an abundance of waste in your colon, and just by using Super Colon Cleanse it can and will get rid of it for you. Remember, this product can and will shrink the waistline, your limbs, reduce your bloating, even if temporary for some.

If you read the label, you will find that this colon cleansing product is best taken three times a day.  Now, for the dosage, take at the max four capsules.  The next part is the hard part, down each pill with a glass of 10-12 ounces of juice, water, or some other beverage.  That is a lot of fluid to get down if you think about it.

While you are taking Super Colon Cleanse, you must drink lots of water due to the contents of the cleanser having psyllium husk powder.  If you should happen to start experiencing some weird side effects like loose stools, diarrhea, pain in your abdomen, then stop taking the cleanser as soon as possible and be checked by your doctor.  There could be something serious going on.

Remember that Super Colon Cleanse was not developed to be used every day.  You should use it only to purge your colon for a good cleansing.

There are many benefits to using this product to begin with; first and foremost, it is affordable.

This colon cleansing product is made from all-natural ingredients of the highest quality.  If you read the labels, you will see that the elements are all identifiable and familiar.

If you do a fast search online, you will see that it is easy to research and find all the information you want about every ingredient it contains.

Since kids of ages six to twelve years old are able to use Super Colon Cleanse,  this is rare with colon cleansers.  The maker for this fantastic product has an excellent reputation and is a trusted brand.

As odd as it may seem, colon cleansing has become a well-accepted practice with the products for it on the open market available to the public for years.  It has had great reviews and tons of users, and you will not find anywhere that the company has resorted to any crazy gimmicks or any wild claims to get buyers.  The product and its results stand alone.

People that are looking for a product to cleanse their colon without harmful side effects and are wanting to get straightforward results quickly, turn to Super Colon Cleanse.  Word has traveled fast, and once those folks have started to use it, they keep returning to this steadfast product.

You may find the odd consumer that says “it” is not any different than any other laxative.  I beg to differ, however; as I noticed an incredible difference with no cramping and the natural urge to go and get it over with quickly.

Don’t forget that coffee can help.  I always drink coffee in the morning.  Not that I have to drink it to get me awake and going, however, it does seem to help.  One thing I know for sure is that it does wake up my gut and jump starts the motility of the intestines.  Coffee also appears to work as a mild diuretic promoting weight loss along with your taking this cleansing product capsule.

The more fiber you can eat the better, as it will make you feel fuller for longer and it also contains fewer calories.  Protein, when you think about it is what you need to build up your muscles, therefore the reason for low carbs and high protein.

Carbohydrates are just not your friend in any shape, form, or fashion.  The more carbs you eat, the more water you will maintain in your cells.  The reason for this being, when you eat carbohydrates, your body takes the carbs and turns them into glycogen, and this resides along with water in your muscles and in your liver which is not good.

You can still include some small portions of grain with your diet because they are an excellent source for a heart-healthy fiber.

There are health issues that have been attributed to constipation and can be treated easily by using Super Colon Cleanse.  Among them are fatigue, insomnia, bad breath, constipation, parasitic infection, protruding belly, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, frequent colds, and even yeast infections.

When you think about the number one problem of holding water in your body, your mind should first think about salt.  Do NOT be betrayed by table salt alone as it is not the guilty party.  While some people do add table salt from the salt shaker to everything they eat, salt is contained in so many items you put into your mouth, making it worse than the salt shaker.

Every slice of cold cut you buy will contain salt; all carbonated beverages will have salt in them, your protein slice of bacon will be full of salt as that is how most of it is cured, salt is in condiments, chips, and so many items you would not even begin to think of, contains salt.

When you are trying to get rid of excess water be sure to remember that the less water you are consuming the body works even harder to hold on to it as it thinks it will not be getting any more.

The more water you drink, the more you will flush out with all the excess salts, and the fluid that your body does not need and that will help you with reducing bloating.

Think about this:  over a period of time, a constipated system will not get rid of or very slowly get rid of its toxic wastes, and this causes a strain on your intestines.  It can cause varicose veins, hernias, and hemorrhoids.

The longer this waste is left in your body, the proteins lying there become putrid and carbohydrates start fermenting.  It finally reveals itself in a physical ailment or disease and can be linked to almost everything from cancer to obesity.

If you have just one bowel movement each day, that means there is still three meals of waste in your colon all the time, and your constipated gut can hold up to several days and up to years of fecal matter dried to the inside of your gut.

It can cause your entire system to become toxic because of the poisonous gases being let off by the foods you have eaten and couldn’t tolerate.  It is known as self-polluting where the toxic gases will enter your bloodstream and at this point will start to irritate joints and organs.  When you reach this state with your body, there is no way it can run efficiently, let alone become healthy or start to lose weight.

Some people try to rely on raw vegetables and bran so they can stay regular.  That’s great, but they are so rich in bulky fiber they are not able to make their way through those small spaces left for passing waste in your constipated colon.  You will find what will happen instead is that the waste will back up, start fermenting, and cause you even poorer digestive health and in some cases, you will begin to throw up formed stool from your mouth.

For those of you that want weight loss, have a healthy body, a healthy balance with your spirit and mind, cleansing your colon should be a must.  Not only will it result in you having instant weight loss, but you will also start feeling better from those ailments you were feeling.

Super Colon Cleansing to me is essential for everyday, healthy living no matter how you look at it and you have the added benefit of weight loss as well.  What is there to not like about it?

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