Constipation is NOT Dinner Talk

Constipation is NOT Dinner Talk

It is surely not something that anyone talks about as it is an embarrassing subject.  Leave it to your doctor to come into your hospital room and talk about your bowels in front of a room full of people.  How embarrassed can you get?

Everyone at some time in their life runs into this problem sooner or later.  Constipation will happen to everyone at some point in their life whether they like it or not.

Being constipated can affect you in many ways and impact several areas of your health.

Some will say that regular bowel habits are normal if you go three times a week.  I do not agree.  For me, it must be once a day or more for me to feel like I am normal.

You will find that doctors say that if you have bowel movements less than three times a week, then you are constipated.  I would be rolling in the floor miserable!

Constipation can make you have these symptoms:

  • Having to strain hard to have a bowel movement
  • After you have had a bowel movement, you still feel like you need to go
  • If you have hard, dry, small poop
  • If your rectum feels like it has pressure in it like there is poop that needs to come out

All of these symptoms are unpleasant and make you feel miserable, but they can be affecting your health in other ways too!

Constipation Can Make You Have Zits!

Being constipated might be a way that your gut flora is telling you it is under strain.  If it is not in tip-top shape, it can show itself in uglier ways than constipation.  Your skin can confirm it.

Your skin might get all covered with acne; you might have dark circles show up under your eyes, you might get puffy and have rashes, but it can all start from issues happening in your gut.

Don’t forget in biology class we learned that our skin is the body’s biggest organ and it also performs the function of elimination.  It lets toxins that we eat and accumulate and block up during constipation will cause zits and all kinds of blemishes on our body.

Bottom line, if your body can’t rid your wastes via your rectum, it might show up on your skin.

A Constipated Headache

You can get a headache from all kinds of things, and they have now identified that constipation can also cause you to have a headache.

I hate to go to the doctor and before they even do an exam for any other possible cause they want to say that my problem with my broken arm is “stress.”  It seems like it is the catch-all of all symptoms.  They need to listen to their patients and what they are trying to tell them.

Think about it, being able to poop is a human right of passage (no pun intended), and it is easy to take for granted until you are constipated.  Then you think back to the days of an easy to go bowel movement and wish for those days again.

Being constipated causes you pressure, worry, and to most some form of pain and your insides feel like they are filling up more and more, and you keep feeling more bloated all the time, and it can make you feel stressed.  The anxiety from all of it can cause a tension headache.

One cause of constipation is dehydration.  Your but need a lot of water so it can produce stools that are soft enough to pass along their route.  If you don’t drink as much water as you should, then your feces will get compacted and dried up, making little hard ‘’pellets’ that still do not come out easily.

If this is the case, your constipation will not cause your headaches, but being dehydrated certainly will.  Drink water, and it can help in two ways by giving you relief from headaches and constipation.

There has been some evidence that toxins building up while you are constipated can cause headaches.  Face it, the bowels are the primary way your body gets rid of all the toxic junk you put in it, and if that stuff sits in their idling for its time to leave you, it could be reabsorbed back into your system and cause headaches.

Constipation Can Give You Bad Breath

Research has shown that 25% of halitosis could be caused by constipation.  People that are constipated usually notice they have a bad taste in their mouth or seem to feel they have periods of bad breath.

Why this happens, they are not for sure, but they think that being constipated probably causes your nasty bacteria in your gut to keep growing and producing foul-smelling gases.  As weird as it may sound, the gases will float up and out of your mouth!  YUK!

Then There Are Hemorrhoids

Usually, when you are constipated, you will have to strain more than you do with a normal bowel movement.  You might be surprised at the number of patients who die sitting on their commode straining to have a bowel movement and have a stroke from all the straining.

The muscles of the rectum are like any other muscle that is having to carry a workload that may be heavier than it usually can, there will naturally be wear and tear over time.

The entire length of our gut is made up of fibers that make a smooth muscle which will propel food and waste down, through the digestive tract to make its way to its exit.  If these muscles happen to be put under pres, sure like that, of constipation, they will put force on your veins that are lining the inside of your rectum.

When you are constipated your veins might stretch beyond normal capacity, and they will not be able to hold their normal shape.  If this is the case, they will probably protrude from your rectum like little clusters of grapes.  It can be very uncomfortable.  Sometimes they will break open and bleed when you are straining to have a bowel movement.

I know constipation is a taboo subject because it is just nasty to talk about and I for one understand how you feel about it. But, take it from me, if you want to avoid all the above problems caused by constipation, prevent the problem altogether by taking super colon cleanse and colon cleanse.

They are great for a proper colon cleansing and for follow up cleansing and keeping you going regularly with normal and comfortable bowel movements that let you feel like you are empty when you are finished.

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