Can Natural Colon Cleansing Help Crohn’s?

Can Natural Colon Cleansing Help Crohn’s?

Your gut whether you realize it or not can control the way your entire body feels.  What you put in it can make you feel good or bad.  You may have food allergies or you may ingest pesticides or pathogens that can make you feel ill.  Nutritional management by knowing what you are eating and using a Natural Colon Cleanser can make all the difference in the way you feel from day to day.

Can Natural Colon Cleansing Help Crohn’s Disease

I am sure every one of you has heard of someone who has Crohn’s disease.  I have known several.  I have known teenagers that suffer miserably and must wear a colostomy bag due to the severe damage to their colon that they have already encountered. Crohn’s is a disease of the bowel that causes the digestive tract to become inflamed.  It can cause severe stomach pain, fatigue, major diarrhea, losing weight, and malnutrition.

Crohn’s inflammation can spread deep down in the layers of your bowel tissue causing the disease to be debilitating and painful.  It can lead to complications that are potentially life-threatening.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Crohn’s as goes with most auto-immune disorders.  Drug therapies can give you some relief of some of its symptoms, and there will be times you can even experience remission, some of them long-term.

You need to pay attention to symptoms that may reappear after you have been in remission.  Some patients who suffer from Crohn’s have only the very last segment (ileum) of their small intestine affected.  But, there are others that Crohn’s involves all of the large intestines.   However, the most usual places that are affected by this ugly disease seem to be the colon and the last section of the small intestine.

Your symptoms with the disease can range from very mild to dangerously severe.  The symptoms seem to come on so gradually that it is like they “sneak” up on you.  There will be times that you will feel that you never had any symptoms and it must have been in your head.

Here are some symptoms when Crohn’s decides to rear its ugly head:

  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Blood in stool
  • Pain and cramping in your abdomen
  • Mouth sores
  • Your anus may be inflamed, and there could be drainage or pain in that area caused by a fistula
  • Weight loss and low appetite

If you suffer from SEVERE Crohn’s you might also suffer from:

  • Skin, joints, and eyes being inflamed
  • Bile ducts and liver being inflamed
  • In children, there will sometimes be a delayed growth or even delayed sexual development

It is still not known what causes Crohn’s disease.  They used to say it was stress and your diet but the medical community has changed its mind and thought that this might aggravate the disease, but does not cause Crohn’s.

The immune system may be triggered by a bacterium or a virus that causes the Crohn’s to become active.  While your immune system is busy trying to fight off the pathogenic invaders, it could be that an abnormal immune response has been triggered causing the immune system to turn on itself and attack the healthy cells in your digestive tract.

Most believe that heredity plays a factor and that Crohn’s is more than likely to be identified in those who have members of their family diagnosed with the disease.  Genes might play a part in causing you to be more susceptible.  The fact remains, however, most people that are diagnosed with Crohn’s do not have one person in their family with the disease.

The medical community has identified some risk factors they think could play an essential role as risk factors in Crohn’s disease:

  • Ethnic background – Chron’s can affect anyone, but it seems that people of Eastern European Jewish background and whites suffer the highest risk. But, they are finding that the numbers are increasing in the black communities in the United Kingdom and North America.
  • Age – It can happen at any time in your life, but most people develop this when they are young, usually before the age of 30.
  • Smoking – Yes, here we go again, hitting on smoking. It is, however, the most controllable risk factor for developing Crohn’s.  Smoking can cause a more severe type of the disease, cause you to be at higher risk for surgery.  So, if you smoke, please stop.
  • Familial History – If you have a parent, child, or sibling that has Crohn’s you are at a higher risk. Statistics are 1 in 5 folks that have Crohn’s also have a family member who suffers from the disease.
  • Where you live – Living in an urban area or industrialized part of the country will cause you to be more likely to develop the disease. This fact strongly suggests that environmental factors, and diets that are high in fat or your refined foods could be playing a role in the disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory and Nonsteroidal Medications – This list is all inclusive of ibuprofen (Motrin IB, Advil, and others), (Aleve) naproxen sodium, (Voltaren) diclofenac sodium, and there are others. The drugs do not cause the disease by themselves, but by using them, it can lead up to the inflammation in the bowel that will make Crohn’s worse.

Not taking care of Crohn’s disease and trying to ignore it can lead to severe consequences.  Some of them being:  ulcers, bowel obstruction, anal fissure, fistulas, colon cancer, malnutrition, and an entire list of others that go on and on.

The treatment used for Crohn’s all depends on how severe the condition is in each patient and the location of the disease.  Prior medical complications of the patient are reviewed and how each patient has responded to treatments in the past.

The primary goal is to correct nutritional deficiencies and control inflammation.

If you happen to suffer from Crohn’s and are becoming frustrated by modern traditional medical treatment, you have other choices.  Natural colon cleansing is effective and safe in the way it helps those who suffer from Crohn’s.

By using a natural colon cleanse product, it will thoroughly detoxify and cleanse your entire intestinal tract.  It will pull parasites and mucus from your colon and rid it of the poisons, and toxic wastes that are residing inside that may increase inflammation.

By removing the toxic waste, your immune and digestive systems can work more efficiently.

It is a proven fact that if you have a healthy colon, it will lead to your entire body being healthier.


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