Bartonellosis – Lyme Disease – and Chronic Constipation

Bartonellosis – Lyme Disease – and Chronic Constipation

Bartonellosis can be found with Lyme disease.  In 25% of Bartonella cases, you will see that Lyme disease is there as well.

The Bartonella bacteria have a cell wall that is double and is gram negative.  It is slow growing, difficult to isolate in the laboratory, and grows in different shapes.  The bacteria can live in isolated areas of the body inside cells, a place they can hide from antibiotics and the immune system.

If you should review a medical textbook, you might notice there are three conditions evoked by the bacteria Bartonella:  trench fever, cat scratch fever, and Carrion’s disease.  With the research that has been conducted in the past 20 years, it has been found that this bacterium is much more complicated than first thought.

Bartonella is usually spread by ticks, sand flies, chiggers, scabies, louse-eating spiders, fleas, mosquitoes, lice, biting flies, and mites but it can also be spread by animal bites, scratches from cats, and ingesting the bacteria itself.

Infection caused by Bartonella is called Bartonellosis.

If you should contract Bartonella from cat scratch fever, you will develop a rash that is then followed by low-grade fever, sore throat, conjunctivitis, headache in approximately 3-10 days after you have been scratched by the cat.   Having swollen lymph nodes are not uncommon, so do not be frightened if they appear, and they usually take up to weeks or months to disappear.  The symptoms do not usually debilitate anyone, and most of the time they will go away without any medication.

About 20,000 cases of cat scratch fever are reported every year to health departments.  Oddly almost one-third of domestic cats carry the illness because of the flea they may pick up now and then.  Cats are also bitten by ticks and Bartonellosis can be transmitted with the other diseases transmitted by ticks.

If the Bartonellosis is contracted by, say, an insect bite such as a flea, tick, or mosquito, the symptoms it causes are not as well defined.  Most of the cases are never reported so it may be that actual case reports should be 10, 100, or even 1,000 times more than what is communicated to the state health labs for cat scratch fever.

Bartonellosis is not only carried by cats but can also be transmitted by other mammals like dogs and even humans.  There have been studies of our human population all over the world that have revealed that in individuals that show no symptoms and are considered carriers is 10-30%.

Chronic Bartonellosis can be ugly in several ways; starting with loose stools, abdominal pain, constipation, and even general intestinal function.

When it comes to this, your best solution is to support yourself with a natural healing method for your body.  When you think about it, the artificial food products we consume that is full of petrochemicals, toxins, sources of radiation, low virulence of microbes that flourish, and just the stresses of every day modern life that will disrupt your immune function.

If you can minimize these factors, it could make a huge difference in controlling the epidemic we face of chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders, and fatigue syndromes.

It is where proper colon cleansing comes in with Super Colon Cleanse as your gut is the heartland of your immune system.

More signs of chronic Bartonellosis are a skin rash near the site of the initial bite, swollen lymph nodes (also near the infection site), and a low-grade temp (100-102).

There are situations that become so severe, that the lymph nodes will fill with pus and drain on their own or must be tapped.  You may see muscle pain, conjunctivitis, severe fatigue, and body aches.  Even spleen and liver enlargement can occur with the chronic or acute form.

If you have the chronic form, you may have a few days you will feel better and then relapse with a low-grade fever feeling terrible.

It can even affect your eyes with photophobia, eye irritation and make you have blurred vision which all can be very irritating.

Bartonella is an ugly mistress once it gets in your system as it is common for it to infect your bone marrow and can cause you bone pain.  The area you will notice bone pain the most is in your shin bone.

It may seem weird, but when you wake up it can cause you to feel pain in the soles of your feet in the morning.

Anemia can pop up from the Bartonella scouring for nutrients from your red blood cells for food.

Its destructive forces do not end there; its small vessel destruction can affect your nervous system and your brain.  We all know that headaches are not uncommon.  Rage and depression can be caused by chronic Bartonella infection.

You could also notice these other neurological problems:  brain fog, poor balance, memory impairment, restlessness, decreased cognition, and insomnia.  It can cause anxiety and reduced tolerance to stress.

Chronic pain in your teeth is normal.  You may run into demineralization of your jaw and teeth can bring on neck and face pain.

Bartonella can cause small vessel disease which may affect the functioning of the autonomic nervous system that might result in (POTS) postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.

Having chronic Bartonella infection can cause problems with your entire vascular system.  There can be an infection of the cells lining your heart called endocarditis, and it can cause severe chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath, and sometimes, it can damage your heart valves.  The respiratory symptoms would be a cough that no one could explain.

Bartonella can infect the urogenital region that will cause irritable bladder, pelvic pain, kidney disease, and infertility. It has even been proven that the bacteria can be passed along during sex and pregnancy.

People who are incredibly immunocompromised (AIDS) might develop a cranberry-like lesion on their skin from the growth of the infected blood vessels just under your skin.

Most doctors would not recognize it and mark it off as aging and give you a script to relieve the symptoms you are suffering from, not anything else.

If your symptom of constipation shows up early in your illness and you start taking Super Colon Cleanse, who knows, you may be ahead of the game and get rid of the bacteria, and the symptoms it causes quickly.


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